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Item exactly as pictured above and on
13 " x 10 " x 4 " computer carrying case [made from heavy duty black color cloth]. Case has an outside pocket with zipper & velcro flap for manuals. Inside has a divider which holds your computer in place as well as an inside holder. Comes with an additional laptop case as well as an accessorires bag and shoulder strap as actually pictured.
Made in the USA by JAMESLEE Corporation, Chicago, IL.
New condition. Great gift idea for carrying your computer or portable DVD player.
Item will be shipped within one day of receiving PalPal payment.
Guarenteed to not be DOA for 2 weeks, Zipper, stitches, and velcro working fine. Otherwise, 2 week return policy, minus 15% restocking fee, minus EBay listing fee, minus postage.