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10 Lawmar Lane
Burnt Hills, NY 12027
(914) 592-2315 (ph)
(413) 825-0558 (fax)
May 21, 2002

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
2750 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
fax: 650-233-0300

"Walter Heger and Associates" is a consulting firm specializing in medical information systems, genomics, software, and internet development.. Heger is a high-fidelity physics software consultant whose resume can be found at . Our chief science officer is Dr. Verrier, (MD St. Louis University, Ph. D. Biology [Breast Cancer Research] Vanderbilt Univerisity). Dr. Verrier is currently with the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY.


In 1983, Garland Marshall (Wash U) wrote a program called Sybol, which later became incorporated as Tripos. In 1992, MIT began offering a class called "Computational Aspects of Molecular Biology" In 1999, IBM entered the bioinformatics scene with Blue Gene and the desire to build a pentaflop machine for the molecular dynamics modeling and DB2 data mining application..Cerera Genomics has received a lot of press attention when it took on the NIH in sequencing the human genome using its shotgun approach to fragmenting and reassembling Craig Venture’s genes. By trading-off accuracy for speed, Cerera was able to claim it too had sequenced the genome in the same time frame.


Product description:

GenomicsInfoCad® is a Windows ActiveX control. The product is specifically aimed at the genomics market. The product uses the CAD industry standard PDB format which makes it possible to exchange data with other products. In addition, COM/OLE automation allows other software to control its behavior (without data export if such behavior is required), thus allowing best-in-class component development. Furthermore, the layered architecture of the product allows components to be developed either in C++, C#, or Java. GenomicsInfoCad is a software product which models the physics and geometry of protein folding for manufactures which evaluate, make, or test drugs and components in the pharmaceuticals industry.



Competitive information:

With the explosive growth of the field of genomics [4], there is an urgent need for tools to help designers automate their design and analysis process. GenomicsInfoCad® is a CAD product aimed at the genomics market and therefore able to exploit a niche advantage against other generic programs. Given a base sequence, GenomicsInfoCad is a system which searches through a database of known tetrinary structures to come up with an initial estimate the shape of the folded RNA. This approach greatly improves the "initial guess estimation time" as opposed to starting from scratch. The initial guess is vastly improved upon by using quantum physics (Schrondigers Wave Equation) and known computational biology algorithms.

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