PanoramIX Tour of St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts
  • Look around: Drag with left mouse button or use arrow keys.
  • Look and zoom: Drag with right mouse button.
  • Level the view: 'l' key (toggle).
<img src="museum.jpg" alt="St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts" width="75" height="46" border="0"> <p> Sorry, but PanoramIX is not available for your browser. PanoramIX is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3 and 4, and Netscape Navigator versions 3 and 4, on Windows 95, Windows NT/x86, and PowerPC Macintosh systems. <br>

This page is designed to use the PanoramIX ActiveX control when using MS Internet Explorer and the PanoramIX plug-in for Netscape Navigator when using Netscape Navigator.


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W. Heger 1998

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