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Walter Heger & Associates
10 Lawmar Lane
Burnt Hills, NY 12027
(914) 592-2315

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

2750 Sand Hill Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025

fax: 650-233-0300



History: "Walter Heger and Associates" is a consulting firm specializing in software, communications, engineering and internet development. Professional experience (15 years) in software development, including design, specification, coding, integration, & testing using top-down as well as rapid-prototyping methodologies. Experience in: CAD, FEM, & graphics at Horizon Research - Mitsubishi, Parametric Technology Corp. Intergraph & IBM. Motion analysis at E-Systems, Raytheon, MIT/Lincoln Labs. Internet and electronic communications hands on problem solving. Technology evaluations (C/C++, COM/OLE, Java, procedural vs. object-oriented programming). Multilingual: English, Slovak, French, German. See additional info at Walter Heger (Principal) is a software consultant whose resume can be found at Prior to software development, Walter Heger was a Ph. D. student of mathematics (functional analysis) at McGill University and Commenious University. Product description: PhotonicsCad® is a Windows ActiveX control. The product is specifically aimed at the Photonics switch market. The product uses the CAD industry standard STEP format which makes it possible to exchange data with other products. In addition, COM/OLE automation allows other software to control its behaviour (without data export if such behaviour is required), thus allowing best-in-class component development. Competitive information: With the rapid growth of the field of photonics, there is need for tools to help designers automate their process. PhotonicsCad® is a CAD product aimed at the Photonics market and therefore able to exploit a niche advantage against other generic CAD programs. The product models 4 types of switches using high fidelity physics modeling. These switches are described in Scientific American, Jan 2001. pp 80-92 starting at the article "The Ultimate Optical Network". The product is a contraints-based parametric modeller which allows regeneration of features due to changes in constraints. The product's software design is layered in such a fashion to allow a change of underlying technology from COM/OLE to Java & Corba. Numerical analysis techniques (moment methods) based on the work of McGill University allow for the solution of complex problems in the electromagnetic spectrum.