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See an example of my STEP work!  Open up
Select one option, e.g. "Series AN", chose the options to describe your model, then chose "Draw Part", after the 2d drawing is made,
select the disk icon,
save as STEP file format, to save the text based *stp file to your hard drive (call it an.stp), then select Finish on the Active X control to return control to the main browser.
The ActiveX control spawns a process which takes a couple of mininutes to write out the step file.
You can read the file using an editor or better yet,
a better choice would be to use a cad viewer like
or a professional CAD tool like  OpenCascade, Pro/E, SolidEdge, or SolidWorks.
Note that the file is facetted STEP, not Advanced BREP, so some readers might not read that version of STEP.

Read more about STEP.