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My M. Sc. thesis is [MacWrite format, compressed in Macintosh hqx format]

Using the Finite Element and Finite difference Methods to Solve an Electrical Current Diffusiion Problem, 1987 W. Heger, ISBN: 0315382481 (in Mac HQX format) Obtain this document by downloading (rt mouse, save as) it rather than opening it.

This document was originally composed on a Macintosh 512K and has been compresssed as an hqx file and is in MacWrite 1 format. Unfortunately, Claris's MacWrite 1 requires that you have these [Courier, Symbol, Helvita, Times] and only these fonts installed. MacWrite 1 stores the font information by denoting the font in the order in which it is installed. Claris MacWrite 2 fixed that problem, but disregarded font information written by MacWrite 1. Does anyone have a way to translate to MacWrite 2 and preserve the Symbol font?

Here it is as html.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction.
  2. A Formulation of the Problem.
  3. The Analytic Method for a Circular Cylinder.
  4. The Finite Difference Method for a Circular Cylinder.
  5. Finite Element Method of the General Problem.
  6. Discussion and Results.
  7. Appendix A: The finite difference programs FD and FDT.
    Appendix B: Calculation of the conductivity and heat capacity as a function of the temperature.
    Appendix C: Symbol Table.

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